Conventional Core Aerifiers

These core aerifiers have a unique design with an elliptical shaped crank shaft to allow a 3.5” ingress and egress from the putting surface allowing you to have a straight up and down conduit with a round cookie cutter hole. This makes it easier to fill the holes completely with topdressing.

This machine is designed with a unique core collector that has individual shovels to make up the 48” that this aerifier takes in a pass. About 95% of the green will be completely clean and ready for topdressing. The cores are dumped at the edge of the green on each pass. This is a labor saving tool, you only need two workers to clean up. Topdressing can started in less than 15 minutes from start time.

We run two 48” aerfiers on a green at one time. A 5,000 Square foot green can be completed in 7 minutes.

Tines available:

3/8”, ½”, and 5/8”

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