Our company went through several stages of fairway deep tine aerifiers to achieve one that would have enough RPMs , be strong enough and heavy enough to create a sledgehammer effect for penetration into the hard soils of the Southwest. It also had to be durable enough to take the punishment of fairway aerification on a consistent basis.

Before the design of these deep tine aerifiers, the deep tine aerifiers that were available on the market were slow, cumbersome and lacked the power to penetrate the hard ground. The constant punishment took its toll on the machines and were very hard to keep together. The maintenance was a nightmare along with expensive parts that it took to repair them.

Our machines travel 1.7 MPH, putting a 6.5 x 6.5 square pattern creating approximately 150,000 conduits per acre. We take a 32′ swath down the fairway with one pass . An average par 4 can be finished in about 20 minutes and an average par 5 in 30 minutes. To put it short and sweet our machines are like taking a sledge hammer and driving a 16 penny nail into wood verses a claw hammer.

Fairways can be complete in a 8-10 hour day up to 35 acres. Thus Fairways in a Day. Tines available are 7/8” x 14” solid tines or 1-3/8” x 8 coring tines


Solid Deep Tine on Fairways

Coring on Fairways